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Originally Posted by lovemycats
Thank you for that insight SaraLynn. I thought that crystals form due to never occurred to be about the water part. They will like to hear about that. Perhaps I will start to give them more wet food too. I know that Domi drinks alot of water, but Zets only seems to drink out of the faucet so only when I turn it on. I am sure he drinks out of the bowl too. What was it like with him having crystals??? I am sure it is very painful for them, eh. Ouch! I can't think of my boys in any pain. I will also check up on some petfood books. My boys don't seem to be picky about food which is good.

Anyways, thanks alot for the tip.

It was quite obvious something was wrong, he started by peeing outside of his litterbox and that escalated to licking himself and growling, crying while trying to pee, and trying to run away and dig away from the pain in the garbage cans. I took him in right away and they took a urine sample and tested it right away. It was caught early so he ws on canned food for a couple weeks with no dry and pills twice a day.

You'll know right away if they develop them, I hear its quite common in male cats, poor boys!

Take care
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