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Smile Dry Cat Food

Hi there, I am very new to this site, but find everything that you have all written very interesting. I have 2 male burmese cats that are 8 yrs old and am still learning about how to look after them best. These are the first cats I have ever had and I love them sooooo much......way better than dogs....hahaha. My boys have always eaten dry cat food and seem to be doing well. I know that I have switched between companies a couple of times only after seeing certain things, but they seem to be doing pretty well. The only time they get the wet nasty food is to take any kind of medicine or once in a blue moon......I feed them the sheeba as it looks sort of real. I would love to try to make them some real food, but have know idea what to make......any easy ideas????

This is such an awesome site. Thanks to all your wonderful ideas too.

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