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I doubt anyone would ever even consider posting pictures of their ways Chico and even more so, me. I can probably talk for most people when I say if anyone either by accident or otherwise ever clicked in and saw either pictures or videos they would never again make the same mistake.

I do want to comment though that not all chinese do terrible things to animals. Children have been forced literally to watch very young to try and desensitize themselves. The 50,000 dogs they just bludgeoned to death were in fact pets ... not the animals bred for market. Their government, officials and marketers etc that can do these unhumanly acts are just that ... not human period. They probably do take great pleasure in tormenting animals but those same people would have no problem either doing the exact same thing to humans.

I don't think our governments should have dealings with China until they can prove their willing to at least join the civilized world.
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