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Question eosingohiliz granuloma complex

Our 2 year old male cat was diagnoised with the above SEE Subject.

The spelling of this medical problem is probablely wrong.

Could you please take your best guess along with the following symptoms: and treatment

1) pads of left front paw swollen, and infected

Our cat has been prescribed PREDISONE 5MG TABS 72 tabs in total over a period of 30 days starting with 4 tabs daily for 1 week
Then 4 tabs every other day next 12 days, Then 2 tabs every other day for 4 days, then 1 tab every other day 3 days.

After 15 days of giving our cat the above medication results have been minimal. The left front paw pads still appear to be swollen compared to the right front paw pads. The pad skin pealed away on its own and inflamation seems minimal except for the swelling of the pads.

The goal is to control the disease. This is not a cure.

Your comments and recommendations are appreciated.



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