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It's been talked about so many times regarding the treatment of dogs and cats in China, well all animals for that matter. But this time it's not about their issues in terms of human treatment or their bizarre foods, strange delicacies and their superstitiously brutal slaughtering methods and fraudulent health myths.

It's also not about placing animal lives before humans. Dog, cat or human ... killing is wrong. It's about their chosen method to eliminate a problem they created in the most unacceptable barbaric manner at no cost to them.

And besides this, how does China thinks this approach is suppose to be effective in controlling this outbreak? Rabied dogs need to be destroyed, agreed but with their technology-boasting scientists why can't they find a way to kill the diseased animals painlessly and quicky in mass numbers?

Most likely it's not even the people's pets that are the carriers ... the people hang on to their dogs for dear life and are not allowed to walk them unless it's before dawn or after dusk - just not to offend anyone! It's the strays that fortunately got away and racoons being the most common carriers. Why not drop rabbie pellets into the woods for starters (read that was effective somewhere )and make it a law to vaccinate their animals including all the markets. Just their food consumption is a disease pattern all in itself - how do they even know it wasn't their planned prepared meal seeing their so fond and take great care to achieve the freshest meat possible? Cripes their skinning animals alive ... they don't touch saliva?

Why is it other countries can manage to vaccine their animals ... what makes China so incapable, their not a developed country?

How many times do we have to hear "poor me - my children and I are poor/hungry/endangered, this is all we can do to save ourselves, using what we have" Yet who imported the bulk of the 327,000 seals that were just slaughtered @ $105/pelt - Canada sold over 30 million dollars worth ... China and Russia, so poor hey? And again so poor how can they even think they can host the upcoming olympics? I think we all know what's going to happen to all the animals then too.

sigh ... it makes you just want to give up but like the seal hunt, puppy mills etc you just have to do what you can and hope that the people who do love animals stick together and fight with what they got for them - whatever that may be.

You can respond to a UK poll asking "should the chinese gov't stop the culls?" @ Also, you can sign a petition "say no to mass dog slaughter in china" and to urge the gov't to adopt rabies prevention as a rule @

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