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Nothing happening in China makes sense to civilized nations,but yet the world deals with them all in the name of saving $$$ on cheap labour.
The Canadian government will do nothing about OUR import of cat/dog fur,knowing these animals are most likely skinned alive and suffered horribly before mercifully they die.
We also legally or illegally sell the Chinese different animal-parts(bear,seals)often used in the ignorant belief it will increase their sexual prowess,it goes on even here in China-Town.
One of the reasons,according to our government we cannot stop dealing in questionable fur from China,we club seals to death and 99% of the seal-furs go to China and Russia,even bear,wolf,lynx etc..
In a country where humans are allowed only one child,where baby-girls are often killed and abandonned,where organs are taken from living prisoners to be sold to people needing transplants,how can we ever expect them to respect any life,much less animals
Look at the labels in anything you buy,to me if it says Made in China,no matter how cheap it is,I will not buy it.
Not that it makes any difference,but to me,it's morally wrong buying anything from a country as cruel and uncaring as China.
"The cruelest animal is the Human animal"
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