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The chinese government could care less.
It would be more humane and a lot easier just for them to shoot the dogs, but ammo costs money, therefore probably cheaper to just beat them to death with clubs (which appears to be what they're doing).

Oh and I love this quote
“People opposed to killing dogs ought to think how they’d feel if they or a relative was infected with rabies. Are people’s or dogs’ lives more important?” said another, also unsigned.
Um, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get infected because if a questionable animal bit me I'd get vaccinated before the onset of symptoms.
Not to mention if I did get infected I don't think I'd call for a mass slaughter of all the dogs in the U.S..
Vets and shelters in the U.S. don't put dogs down by beating them with clubs as far as I know either.

What's dumb is according to one of the articles I read, China has steep fees and regulations just for owning a dog as a pet, but apparently these regulations don't include getting your dog a rabies vaccination? Uh, yeah, that makes lots of sense.
Like I said, all the chinese government cares about is money.

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