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OMG so much tragic there. Talk about phobias!!! ok so now there's a 2nd plan to mass another dog slaughter to "control" a rabies outbreak days after a similar cull in which 50,000 were beaten to death prompted a torrent of criticism. (actually officials offered owners .63 to kill their's themselves before teams were sent in). The big plan is to kill all dogs within a three miles of areas where rabies had been found - which amount to about 500,000 more dogs are to be killed.

Zhang Luping - founder of the Beijing Human and Animal Envir. Edu. Center says "this really damages our national image and sets a really bad example to just how lazy and inconsiderate those loyal goverment officers are"Ya figure? The next thing we will be reading though are how activists are just extremist's when trying to ask the puplic to quit contributing to this kind of cruelty ... B.O.Y.C.O.T.T. China! It's called pressure tactics

So let me see ... they breed them solely to keep up with our demand for fur (let's not forget for some their diets) and because their kept in filthy cramped despicable conditions with no vet available in the whole country they legally get beaten to death because their spreading a virus that is of no fault of theirs to their people What a sick sick world!!
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