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allergy casuing dogs

"Their fur is soft in texture, odorless with no doggy smell, and appears not to bother people who are allergic to dogs." - Sled dog central

"siberian huskies have little doggy smell and are not one of the most allergy-causing breeds" -

I could go on and on. I read numerous websites about these dogs before buying one and the breed was suggested for poeple who are normally allergic to dogs, as the fur is of a different type. Yes it is long, but I also own a Samoyed with 8 inch shedding fur and a keeshond with 5 inch shedding fur for the last 8 years and have never had a reaction from these.
I think the point I was originally trying to ask was about puppy fur, not husky fur in particular. I was simply referring to mals and siberians being less allergic due to the websites suggesting their fur is not of the standard doggy type. Of course there will be poeple allergic to dogs no matter what, but I am not one of these poeple having already owned several all my life.
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