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Thanks MCJD

Thanks MCJD I really appreciate your advice.
I plan on keeping my kittys housecats so as long as they dont get out by accident she shouldnt get pregnant. You are right about that too, her strength even though she doesnt seem weak she seems to have alot of engery. But I am sure the vet will advised once i ask him/her we have several at our hospital here. Her appointment is tomorrow morning at 9:10 for a thorough recheck and maybe shots and deworming. I guess it depends on how they find her. It is a week today she showed up on my friends doorstep and a week tomorrow since I have had her. To be honest I first did think she may be pregnant because her belly is quite round but her tits are normal. I just cant understand why someone would drop her off unless its because of the URI. I am going to ask about worms tomorrow as well. I know they checked her out last friday but i wasnt there to hear everything. I was told everything was fine though. I just need to make sure with ME there. I want my new baby to be healthy so she is happy. Actually the two of them are having a great time. I think after reading alot of stuff online that I lucked out that the two are getting along so well. But I did make sure each had their own food dishes and litterbox and a bed in a different room so they have their own space etc. Its just I brought Nutmeg in to Buffys house with no warning. Thanks again.
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