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It's kind of a long story. The vet's weren't sure, but she was diagnosed with pancreatitis, which effectively destroyed the rest of her poorly functioning kidneys. She had just started taking medication (I forget the name) for incontinence, as she had been peeing more often in her bed at night, and a side effect was high blood pressure. The day after she started taking it, I had to bring her to the ER, and she never came back. She did rally a bit, but her kidneys weren't functioning well, plus, her blood pressure never came down and she was vomiting a lot, and when she went back downhill, I had to let her go. :sad: While she was there, they checked her blood and kidneys and said she probably wouldn't have lived another year (she was almost 3 when she died). It sounds like you were given the same line I was, oreokitty. To anyone w/ a dog who drinks a lot, oreokitty is right, insist on blood tests, etc, to make sure the dog doesn't have kidney disease!! Even puppies can have this. I was told my dog was probably born with the condition, because they were so deteriorated in such a young dog. Your dog needs special food and care and can lead a fairly normal, although shortened life. I have a lot of guilt from that, because i didn't insist on the tests earlier, and agreed to have her take the medication that seemed to have triggered her fast decline. Plus, when she was a pup, she also took medication for mange which probably didn't help her kidneys either.
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