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There are the odd dogs that do binge drink that have nothing medically wrong with them.

He is crated all day while we're at work, and we have a friend the checks on him in the middle of the day. We don't put water in his crate b/c we've tried everything and no matter what he tips it over and just makes a mess, so we gave up on that, we literally tried everything, plus he pee's in his crate too,
It could be part of the reason he is binge drinking, as he wants to tank up knowing it is not always available to him and can be contributing to the cyrstal you are seeing, I never withhold water from my dogs unless absolutely necessary for surgery There are a couple ways to handle water in a crate, you can buy buckets that clip in the crate or you can use a water bottle like those used for rabbits. once he realizes that water is always available for him he may actually start slowing down. Normally if there are crystals in the urine there is usually bacteria as well(UTI) which can cause increased water consumption, sometimes it does always show up as a high count on the urine test, I had a foster that was like that she was on an antibiotic(cephalexin) for spay surgery that had opened up, but she was peeing more than normal, her urine test did not register hjigh for bacteria, but the fact she was peeing every couple of hours did indicate that she had a UTI so the vet prescribed a different antibiotic(baytril) which is a bit stronger, within 3 days , there was a major improvement.

With crystals in the urine increased water consumption is needed to help flush the the crystals out if they remain inside the can bind together and become bladder or kidney stones.
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