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Dog Locked in Car in Toronto

How dumb can a person be??? This poor pooch is so very lucky to be alive!

Police officer rescues dog trapped in locked car News Staff

An investigation has been launched to find the culprit who left a dog locked in a car for several hours in the blistering heat.

A Toronto police officer happened to be walking by the silver Hyundai at College Street and Spadina Avenue on Saturday when he spotted the panting pooch.

"(The windows) were open maybe an eighth of an inch, that was about it," said Const. Richard Killy.

"The inside temperature was stifling, couldn't even breathe inside."

Killy smashed the window and rescued the small black dog.

Toronto is in the midst of heat wave that doesn't appear to be ending any time soon. The 30 C weather feels much hotter with the choking humidex.

A heat alert has been in effect for several days.

Public health officials say the temperature inside a sealed vehicle can climb to 50 C in just a short time during hot and muggy days.

When CTV Toronto measured the temperature inside the Hyundai, the thermometer showed a reading of 55 C after only two hours.

Police haven't yet identified the person who left pet behind because the vehicle is a rental.

Killy is upset people still don't get the message that animals need to stay cool in sweltering heat.

"It's disgusting. (The dogs) can't help where you put them," he said.

The rescued dog, meanwhile, is doing well. He has been turned over to animal services.
Never mind the dogs, beware of the owner!!!
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