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Thankyou for you for your quick reply
I was eating my dinner and had planned on coming back here to read more of the posts.
I wasnt thinking ,your right I wont let the med run out before I take her back.
As for eating she is eating fine . Infact I think she is a very good eater compared to my 8 month old kitten.
The vet guessed she was around a year old or abit more.
I am feeding them canned food suggested by the vet with some dry at night to help with tartar control. And ofcourse the odd cat treat .
Its been along time since I have had a cat. I had one about ten years ago while my children were toddlers but it got hit by a car. And the one before that was when I was ten my sister got married so I got a kitten to replace her :O). I had Tiger for 13 years.
When I got maried up til now 18 years later we have always had dogs, til now that is.
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