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Two Pitbulls Murdered

Police search for pit bull killer

07:28 PM PDT on Thursday, July 27, 2006
LYNNWOOD, Wash. Police are searching for someone who brutally killed two pit bulls Thursday by hanging them over a fence.
The dogs' owner woke at 2 a.m. Thursday to the sound of his dogs barking, followed by the sound of struggle and then yelping.
When he got outside, he found the two dogs hanging by their necks, one limp and other struggling. The struggling one bit him as he tried to help so he ran inside to get something to cut them down. But by the time he got back, they were both dead.
The dogs were both relative puppies. Peanut was a one-year-old male and Wiggles was a 10-month-old female.
The dogs' owner said they were both friendly.
Police have no suspects in the case but are looking into whether it is connected to an animal cruelty case June 28 when a dog was hurt and dumped in a Dumpster at the Woodland Park Apartments.
That dog has recovered and has since been released to an animal foster home.
Animal advocacy group Pasado's Safe Haven and the Humane Society are each offering a reward for information leading to an arrest in Thursday's attack. The rewards together total $5,000.

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