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Meg, this is VERY important , please read

It took 3 rounds of antibiotics and checks by the vet when each one was nearly finished before Rue was finally better.
What she had was an upper respiratory infection, something that takes quite a while to heal and something that takes a while before you have the right antibiotic.
After she was finally able to do without more antibiotic ( please remember always to finish the antibiotic that was given, I am astounded that some people stop when they or their pet feels or sounds better) she had diarhea for a while , due to the effect of the antibiotics on her system. Giving her a bit of pepto bismal took care of that.

Also, while she was still sick, I gave her wet food mixed with hot water so that she could smell it a bit. I found that to be the only way she'd eat , plus it gave her much needed fluids.

Finally, I was told that if Rue is ever in great stress, her respiratory infection can return as it will lie dormant in a cat's body instead of leaving the system.
If she gets it again, she will just have to go back on antibiotics.

Good luck with your kitty, rest assured that this type of infection takes a long time to heal. Stay in touch with your vet, get your kitty checked just before the antibiotic is finished ( don't let her go off antibiotics without a vet exam !) and be patient.
This too shall pass!
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