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Exclamation Neighborhood Alert

Sex slaying killer Karla Homolka, front page of today's Gazette, I hope they never stop hounding her ...

Her asking the Quebec Superior Court to legally change her name in fear of her safety is about as much nerve as one can own. She did not do the time and I hope she lives a long miserable and lonely life ... so sad for her dog :sad: This is one person that should of being labelled "a dangerous offender + master of manupulation" and never seen the likes of daylight!

Global reporter tracks down Karla Homolka

Katherine Wilton, Montreal Gazette
Published: Tuesday, July 25, 2006
MONTREAL -- Karla Homolka has resurfaced.

The notorious sex killer has not been seen in public since last summer, when a Toronto Sun reporter found her working in a hardware store in Longueuil.

But her brief spell out of the spotlight is over.

As she walked out of her east-end apartment just after 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, Homolka was greeted by a Global television reporter who has been keeping tabs on her since Christmas.

"She rolled her eyes, turned around and put sunglasses on," said Domenic Fazioli, who has covered crime and courts for five years.

As she headed toward a bus stop that would take her to the métro, Homolka remained silent when Fazioli told her several residents in her neighbourhood are alarmed that she is living there.

"Karla’s neighbours know who she is, they know where she lives, and most of the people who live there are young families," he said. "They are scared and they want her to move."

When he asked Homolka how the last year in Montreal has been for her, Homolka replied: "I have nothing to say."

Homolka was dressed in brown pants and a white top. Her blond hair was tied back and she carried a beige suede purse.

She eventually jumped on to a bus and disappeared into the métro.

Homolka is unemployed and lives by herself in a four-unit apartment block in the east end with her dog, Fazioli said.

He wouldn’t divulge the neighbourhood, saying Global’s lawyer has instructed him not to.

Fazioli acknowledged being a bit nervous just prior to speaking with Homolka, who served a 12-year sentence for manslaughter for her part in the sex slayings of two Ontario teenagers, as well as her sister Tammy, 15.

"It was exciting and nerve-racking at the same time," he said, conceding it was the biggest scoop of his career.

Fazioli said he received a tip around Christmastime, directing him to Homolka’s apartment. He defended his decision to approach Homolka yesterday, saying "her neighbours are nervous about having her around."

"She looked visibly upset, but we weren’t rude with her. We weren’t harassing her. She was very professional."

A mother of three children told Global that Homolka "has done a lot of bad things to a lot of children and it’s better if she wasn’t in our neighbourhood."

Fazioli said he expects Homolka will have to move to another neighbourhood now that a journalist knows where she lives.

Alexandra Henderson, Global’s assistant news director, said Canadians are still fascinated by Homolka and said it is intriguing how she can disappear for lengthy periods despite her high public profile.

Homolka’s lawyer, Sylvie Bordelais, refused to comment on the incident Tuesday.

Last month, a Quebec Superior Court judge barred Homolka from legally changing her name to Emily Chiara Tremblay.

In December, the Quebec Court of Appeal removed 14 restrictions that had been placed on Homolka after her release from prison last summer.

Homolka was freed in July after completing her sentence for the killings of schoolgirls Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy. Her former husband, Paul Bernardo, is serving a life sentence for the killings.
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