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leash chewing

I have a great dane that loved to chew on his leash. He chewed it soo much that it would snap while going across the street, in the park, in a house, or anywhere where there are people and other animals. It is not because of agression, its because of the love of smaller things than him, and humans. so he would end up trying to play with a smaller dog and the owner feared it would hurt it so they snached up their dog and left, well MY DOG WASNT TRYING TO HURT IT. Then later i got a small, but long chained leash and it wasnt comforting to his mouth so he stopped chewing on it. and i havent had the problem of chewing on the leashes again. but please if you try this dont get the heavy chains like some people its uncomfortible for the dog.

they have chain leashes, not chokers. Just a small weightless chain with a nylon handle.
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