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Oh boy..we have been HOT here! 108+ today. The worst worry I have right now is I am taking care of 2 dogs while their owners recuperate form a serious auto wreck. I met these dogs for the 1st time last Sunday, one is a pit chained in a pen in the back, the other is a big mixed breed, chained near the front door. These people have very few friends, and the ones they do have are TERRIFIED of these dogs. Well in less than 1 week I have made 2 great friends in these dogs. Problem is..they have to stay outside as the owners house is locked (they are w/ family members) and no one has a key!! So....I am there 2-3x's a day, changing water and watering the dirt where they dig. I would bring them to my house, but I have 4 of my own..and could not handle WW3. I just hope the weather eases up, and the dirt stays cool. Also the owners are afraid if I did get into the house and put the dogs in, I might not get near them again. Poor babies need mom and dad, but it will be at least another 2 weeks before they may come home. Any suggestions on helping them thru this hot as weather?
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