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Q - Ongoing Sinus Infection in Cat

Hello - Wondering if anyone has any ideas for further things I can explore re my 16 year old cat who has now had a sinus infection for 9 months. This started as a watery eye and extended to a sinus infection (appears to be on one side of the face only). My cat has been on 2 courses of antibiotics with minimal results. Kidneys, thyroid, diabetes have been ruled out as problems. Am also told that teeth rarely cause this problem in cats. I'm skeptical and think it is the teeth. They want to pursue cancer in the nose and the procedures sound ghastly.

Any suggestions or ideas? He is otherwise very healthy, happy, affectionate and quite energetic given his age. But he has lost a lot of weight over the past year.

Looking forward to any response that can be given. Thank you.
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