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I agree with one thing he said. basiccaly any dog that attacks other dogs could pose a real risk to small children.

Sunny is my high prey drive dog, and prey drive has nothing to do with people. If a cat came into my yard he would likely attempt to kill it, and even if he did, that does not mean he would attempt to kill my cats, the reason is why. The cat he views in the yard is prey, my cats are part of his pack, the same sould possibly happen if he seen a small dog running

He totally adores people and he has attended several huge events like the All about Pets show,which gets 35.000 visitors, The Royal Winter Fair, the Canadian Pet Expo, several parades plus smaller events doing meet and greets to promote greyhound adoption, he can be surrounded be hundreds of kids and feel totally comfortable, with toddlers he will walk up to them and lay down in front of them in order to get petted, even after 8 hours of touching and petting he would still be comfortable with a toddler wanting the check outhis tongue or touch his teeth or if the parent is talking too long he is quite content to have that toddler curl up beside him and use his body for a pillow.

But I no longer take him to meet and greets, he is getting older now and his abdomen is sometimes sensitive/tender due to his enlarged spleen, I not longer feel he could be as tolerant especially at longer events were he would be handled by thousands of people once he gets tired, he is still the sweet boy he always was and he is still willing to let a child lay on him, but if they should rest their head on his abdomen or stumbled landed on his abdomen it could cause him a great deal of pain, and that could potentially lead to a bite
I accept reality that every single dog has their limitations to what they can handle and that limitation can change over their lifetime

I know dog that could not live with other dogs but get along great with cats.

My moms little shih tzu was uncomfortable with bigger dogs and would nip them if they got too close, but not once did she growl or snip at a child, she is blind now and her hearing is almost gone, it increases the potential now for her to bite out of startling not because she is aggressive

of my 3 dogs the one most like to bite a child is Nikki, not as an attack but to protect herself from them if they box her, she is very uncomfortable around children but she is very safe with other dogs

Every single dog has the capacity to bite a child under the right circumstances for that individual dog , no matter how sweet they are or how animal friendly they are,

Some dogs may attack other dogs out of being territorial, prey drive, fear, possessiveness, competitiveness, dominance and fearfulness but those same reasons may not apply in their view of children. Or they may apply to children and not to other dogs.

When I read the article, what came through to me is his total lack of understanding dog behaviour in general,

I know people that have had dogs longer than me, I also know a person that is a dog trainer, and yet they have never bother to learn about dogs behaviour or really made the attempt to understand them, this trainer wanted to put down a dog simply because it was very shy, only 2 weeks after adopting it, saying is was cruel to let it live that way, she gave it 1 month to show some improvement, luckily it did, her dog is no where near even to close to as shy as my girl, her dog spent spent several years racing, mine could not race because her fear was so extreme, it took a year for her to start coming out of hiding and to cautiously approach me if I was lying down, thankfully I understood building trust take time, had that trainer adopted Maya instead this is what she would have been robbed of, and who in the world could look at these pictures and say it was cruel of me to let her live and give her a chance a living life

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