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This is another other ***** of Byrant's bad dog laws, when he first passed it it was totally ridiculous in its wording and the dog and owner was automatically guilty without benefit of a trial if the dog bit a person or another pet, the owner had to pay civil damages could be ordered to pay up to $60,000 under the Provincial Offences Act could be thrown in jail as well
( I think it was for 2 years) and the dog could be seized and euthanized

The dog probably got spooked by the bicycle coming up behind acted defensively and bit. The owner is now terrified of coming forward, especially so if she read the wording of the act prior to june 2005, do I blame her? not really, I would probably be just as terrified. The fact that he slammed this law as it was worded, made even a tiny nipping puppy a dangerous dog, that could leave both owner and puppy punished to the maximum extent, even now with the current wording she cannot be sure how she and the dog will be dealt with by the law. I do feel terribly sorry for the child because she has become a victim not only of a dog bite but also of a ministers arrogance
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