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Originally Posted by wdawson

the problem i have with enforcment of the laws is they have too have some discreation as to when to lay charges.....imagine you follow all laws for lets say 10 years , then one day your kid leaves the gate open , dog unleashed running wild , $200.00 fine to you....fair , you will not be upset , and you will pay no questions asked ? discretion for law enforcment is a must...imo

Ah, wouldn't that be great? But of course if AC starts doing that, everyone who is fined is going to claim "it was only the one time! It was an accident!"
But what I really meant was that if a dog is loose AND aggressive, then AC needs to do more than just paperwork.

Calgary has established a very successful dangerous dog policy, with serious fines for aggressive incidents ... 70% reduction from 1985 to 2003!
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