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Yes, any dog can attack. That's why you must teach your children to have common sense around all dogs, large and small, familiar and strange.
no matter what breed , children should be 100% suprvised around dogs, if you have to answer a door bell, answer a phone, the seperating the 2 must occur. When it come to very young children, owners are very limited on the ways they can teach to dog that a toddler is higher on the alpha scale than they are, and it is often not until the child is older and is able to exert dominance forms behaviour and training themselves that a dog is able to accept that the child is higher in rank in the household.

Sadly it is the parents negligence that has caused this to occur to the 3 year old boy, not the dog, the dog is being simply what it is, a dog. And worse we have a population and legal system that refuses to acknowledge a dog is an animal and behaves like an animal, they want them to act and behave like good little children in fur coats, and when they act like the animals they are, they want them want them sentenced to death rather than look at what occured and understand how it could have been prevented.

The media could be one of the most powerful tools in educating the public on how to prevent thousands of other children from being hurt when reporting incidences like this, much like the do with Nest Niles incidences or other health threats like bird flu, HIV/AIDS etc, instead they focused on comments from the owners making it sould like the dog suddenly went beserk and has now become some evil monster that can no longer be trusted, so they too have become negligent and failed in their responsibilities to report and help protect the public.
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