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Ya, actually Prin, he does sell some Hills stuff at his vet shop, but perhaps partly because they carry specific formulas for specific medical problems. He recommended a number of other foods as well, but I settled for Hills at the time, as it seemed a more modest price range.
Now I'm using Holistic Blend.
However, I remain skeptical of things called "natural" and "holistic." It's just my thing. Arsenic is natural.
Anyhow, the point being, yes, we all have a hidden agenda to some extent. I trust my vet who has 7 geriatric dogs of his own and 20 years of experience more than an 18 yr old cashier without any credentials who gives me unsolicited advice. Had I asked for advice, I would have been grateful for it, but really, I just stopped to pick up a bag of food in a big rush and was told to switch to Performatrin by a cashier I'd never met before. ???
I've been lucky with animals so far, they've lived the ripest of old ages even on the cheapest of grocery shelf foods. Probably due to having a lot of exercise and abundance of love.
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