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Thank you very much!

Raingirl is right, I'm visiting my mother in Lithuania. Sadly, here are no animal shelters which can help and no working veterinary clinics on weekends. We tried to call many, no response.

We did as someone suggested: we laid the kitten in a box padded with blankets and towels so we can move her from one place to another without touching the kitten. Surprisingly she is very calm. It is a very gentle kitten, even in pain she would never scratch or bite.

One in a while she tries to get out of the box because she needs to go to the litter box. So we put her gently in the litter still holding in our hands so she will not fall. And then, she even tries to cover sand with her broken leg in pain!

Tomorrow morning we are taking the kitten to the clinic. Kitten is only 1 year old, so hopefuly it will recover as soon as possible.

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