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Someone from Mtl must know - where is Lucky Rescue?

There is this one - DMV
24/7 Emergency Veterinary Clinic
2300 54e Avenue
Lachine, QC
next to Pierre Elliott-Trudeau Airport (Dorval)
Tel: 514-633-8888

I know what to do with people fractures but my suggestion f you can't get to a vet till morning is:

Keep her calm so she does not scratch or bite- she will be very scared!

Gently lay the kitty on a board, wooden door, whatever, padded with blankets or towels.
Secure her to the support.
Do not attempt to set the fracture.
If a limb is broken, wrap it in cotton padding, then wrap it again with a magazine, rolled newspaper or a towel and two sticks. The splint should extend one joint above the fracture and one joint below. Secure it with tape and make sure blood flow is not constricted.

You really need to know if the leg is broken first before doing anything but splints would be better. But get her to a vet asap!!

I hppe she'll be OK. She is young so fast action should help her.
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