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Honey- my dog's death

My dog died yesterday, and I was wondering if you could give me some possible reasons that would explain her sickness.

Honey was my shih-tzu. she was almost two years old. She never had a good appetite and always drank a lot of water. An overly excessive amount of water. She would not eat dog food very much, unless she had to. Often, she would bring up this foamy green... well, it looked like bile.

When she got pregnant, they told me she had milk fever. I gave her calcium and she got better with time. That was four months ago.

A week before she died, I noticed she would not let Sugar (her female pup) play with her. She kept snapping at her, as if to tell her to 'go away'. Then she threw up that bile looking stuff, and later that night around 6pm, she threw up a brownish/dark reddish stuff. My fiance (who is a surgical tech) thinks it might have been fecies, due to a kind of necrosis.

I planned on taking her to the vet in the morning, but I found her under the bed the next day around noon... gasping for air. Her head was limp and her breath was slow. I went hysterical. As soon as she hit my arms, she took a few more breaths and gave up. We tried reviving her for 5 mins. or so, but it was too late. Her tongue was turning gray and she began to stiffen and turn cold.

She never even got to live for two years. What do you think the cause may have been? What was the stuff she was bringing up?


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