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It's certainly true that if declawing is to performed, its far better to do this while the cat is young.

I am shocked however at the number of cat-owners who state they were not properly informed about all the ramifications of declawing.. and were under the false impression that it was a routine, simple and common procedure.
That - it isnt.

To me, offering it along with spaying promotes the notion that declawing is an option for "preventative measures" -for a problem that may not have even occurred, or one that has not had time to be addressed in other ways.
An inevitable outcome that might as well be taken care of now. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I'm sure that most vets today do cover all the detals, and the seriousness of this measure to their clients, so that they may make a careful and informed decsion. I just dont believe it should should be suggested at all in conjunction with spay and neuter.

Many cats have no adverse affects to declawing, and there are no regrets following this decision. There's also no denying that many for cat owners - there are many.
Cant put the claws back:sad:

Declawing is illegal in many countries, I sincerely hope one day it will be here too.
While any surgery carries risks..declawing is the only feline surgery I'm aware of that does not benefit the cat in any way.
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