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Originally Posted by chico2
What bothers me the most is unethical vets and there are many,promoting a "package-deal",spay/neuter/declaw as if it was no big deal to unsuspecting new cat-owners
I am an RVT in an animal hospital (have been for four years). I'm neither here nor there with declaws. Yes all my cats are declawed (all are rescues).
In regards to the above post's not unethical to offer a spay and neuter together. IF an owner choses to declaw their cat, it's "easier" on the cat to have them done together. Less anesthetic to the cat = less cost to owner as well. Also, if an owner is considering it, I'd rather have them get the procedure done when they are ~5-6 months old rather than when they are 5-6 YEARS old and owners are ticked off because the cat has ruined couch/chair/curtains/etc. It is MUCH riskier on an older cat (anesthetic wise) and much more painful as well (no matter how much pain killers we give them). We educated pet owners about trimming nails, scratching post, soft paws...give lots of life learn hands out as well.