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When I got my dogs from my breeder,my contract was a Neuter contract.If I didn't,then I would have been taken to court and sued for $5000.This was stated in the contract.Do I think it was a cash grab for her?No,I think it was her being the reputable breeder that she was and didn't want to see me being a BYB and making money.Which I think is a great idea.I know quite a few breeders who do this.My vet sent her the papers proving that they were done.....

Reputable breeders sell their puppies on nonbreeding contracts with a clause that states that the only way that can be lifted is when the dog attains his/her championship title and then only with the breeders' permission is the dog allowed for breeding. Many times, even if you intend on showing your dog, the breeder puts the nonbreeding clause in, not always does it mean that you must spay/neuter.
You are soooo right Beaglemom.And I know quite a few people who's dogs do reach CH and they won't breed.They actually get them fixed.Only reason being is that they don't want to be breeders.They know that it takes alot of time and money to become one.

what I wanted to emphasize was that a good breeder doesn't require the return of the puppy.
A reputable breeder would not hesitate to take back a pup.They actually will specify that for any reason you can't keep the pup,return it.
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