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The only thing I slightly disagree with is this:
that their pups are free from genetic disorders and will take the pup back should any develop within the time guaranteed
This can be slightly misleading, and provides breeders with a way to sound responsible without having to fulfill their duty. Many buyers will not return a puppy that they have bonded with, when puppy is diagnosed with a problem at 9 months or 2 years. Also, some breeders will take back a puppy and then euthanize it - and then claim "my lines have no genetic issues" - dead puppies tell no tales.

I would rather see a clause like this:
"If the puppy should ever develop a genetic defect that makes it unsuitable as a pet, a refund up to but not over the original purchase price will be provided. To receive refund the puppy MUST be spayed or neutered. Return of the puppy will not be required."

or this:
"Should this dog during the first 30 months of it's life, be diagnosed with a genetic related disease rendering the dog unfit for hunting, breeder agrees to FULLY refund OR replace the dog with another of equal purchase value. The dog does NOT have to be returned but breeder must be notified in writing within 30 days of DVM Diagnosis and proof of spay/neuter for this guarantee to be valid"
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