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I have 3 dd's, 9, 14 and 16. I maybe in the grave sooner than later with the way my 14 acts. Pushing my 16 soon to be 17 to get her learner's license, so she can have her drivers before she leaves the nest.

We have 6 animals and technically 2 are mine, but will feed, water and clean up after them. We have a lhasa apso/terrier 4 yrs(mine), bichon cross 3 yrs(everybodies), himalayan cross 9 yrs(last dd), tabby 10 yrs( middle dd), mouse 11 weeks( last dd) and a lynx point siamese 10 weeks (mine).

My oldest did have a lynx point siamese, he lived till he was 17 last year.

As you can tell I love the lynx siamese.
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