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Originally Posted by Denwishy
Is feeding raw really that much better than a kibble? He is on wellness fish and potato right now. He seems to be ok but not great. He was on Eukanuba before and when he started getting allegies, i changed to Wellness.

I always thought that you are not supposed to feed then bones, especially chicken/ turkey bones which when broken, are very sharp and can tear their their intestines and tummies? It is safe? Is there a difference between raw and cooked bones?

hi Wendy,
Feeding raw vs. feeding kibble is a contentious issue- some feel one is better than the other but the only proof is in the pudding. You have to try it and see if it is better for your dog. I know that many allergic dogs do much better on high end kibble, and even better sometimes when switched to raw.

You can feed soft uncooked bones to dogs but weight bearing bones (leg bones of beef, bison for example) can be more dangerous. For larger dogs, they have no problems eating a chicken leg. For a chi, I'd be looking at starting smaller (backbone maybe?) You should never feed cooked bones as they are drier and can splinter.
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