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Barking dog

Your dog sounds as if it's suffering from separation anxiety. Since your spouse no longer takes your dog to work, your dog is objecting by destroying and barking. Your dog can't seem to understand this sudden change in his daily routine so he's gone to the point of being naughty to get some attention.

Putting him in a crate is a good start but you may have to do a few more things to get him to stop what he's doing (or not suppose to be doing).

Being as both of you work during the week days, may I suggest that you try the following:

This coming weekend (or even -- starting tonight), when you're both home, try leaving your dog in his crate for short periods of time during the day. Peek in windows to make sure that he isn't barking. Come back "before" he starts to bark or "before" he starts fussing around in his crate. You want to praise him while he's still being a good boy. If he's behaving himself, add a few more minutes onto the last time you left him, etc., etc.

Make his crate as friendly as possible. Before you leave in the morning, put a "Kong" toy filled with peanut butter (or cheese whiz) with some of his nummy treats mixed in -- into his crate with him. This will keep his mind active for at least a little while.

Leave the radio and/or TV on. If you have an answering machine -- call home -- every so often during the day so he hears your voice.

If you cannot make it home at least once a day, could you possibly have someone come in and let your dog out of his crate? Maybe once mid morning and again mid afternoon? Maybe even have this person take him out for a bit of a walk to stretch his legs? This way, your dog is receiving some human contact until you're able to come home at night.

This will take a lot of patience on everyone's part but you'll be on the road to success. In the end, everyone will be happier!

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