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My name is Robin and I live in the High Park area. I am female and owned by Buddy an English Mastiff. When working I am in the film biz. I have had a lot of dogs in my life my last was Boo a Neopolitan Mastiff (rescue) who turned me into a Mastiff junkie. Most of my dogs have been rescues english bulldog (George) Bloodhound (Jake) Bullmastiff (Maximillian), Sharpei (Jazz) Puli (Bailey) Jazz and Bailey were from breeders (very reputable and still in biz today) but they were not show quality and that is why I bought them. But since then only rescues and hopefully another mastiff soon. I have been hanging around here for a few years now
A dog has so many friends because they wag their tails not their tongues.
R.I.P. Buddy 2002-2008 The best Mastiff ever.
Now owned by Clark the Crazy American Bulldog
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