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Lightbulb Chat room!

I was siiting well laying in bed last night after I logged off here and thought to myself .. I should write and ask why there is no chat room on ... i think it would be soooo neat! I was part of a pregnancy chat room when i was pregnant( go figure thats when it was) and there were always 2 or three regulars as we called them monitoring the room and reporting abusers and kicking ppl out and stuff. It was a great time .. we made lots of friends and actually I'm going to one of the girls weddings that I met there. I think it's an excellent idea since most ppl in this membership area are always on and constantly updating and refreshing to see responses to their posts and stuff. I don't think it would be too hard since your requirements for membership to the bulletin area are so extensive .... it wouldn't be too hard to track abusive ppl and animal lovers are very protective of their rights .. I think it would be self geverned pretty well! Something to consider .... maybe a poll would help see the demand for one? Well I'm assuming you already know there is one ... maybe I'll just stop typing ... lol
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