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Cats has dried, crusty red discharge in both eyes .. Ongoing


I have 2 cats, the younger, Sunny a long hair domestic male whom is 8 years old, consistantly for most of his life has had a red coloured discharge from his eyes. The best way to describe it is that it looks like dried blood.

The only discomfort he seems to have is my forcing him to stay still, to wipe said crust clean He's had it his whole life and he's quite a content, active and vibrant animal. I was told this was typical with cats of his colour (orange and white) but was wondering what causes it, anything I can do to lessen it.

My other net research would make me think that he is possibly part persian, whom this tearing is typical of. Any other characteristics I should look for to determine if this I the case?

Thanks from both me and Sunny, who will be quite happy if I chase him with a damp rag less often
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