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I think the point that everyone is making about going to shelters is to rescue dogs that are the result of BYB's or irresponsible owners. There is nothing wrong with going to a breeder, provided it's a reputable breeder and not a BYB. There is a lot of research involved in finding a reputable breeder including the history of genetic testing, etc. Most people think it's cute to buy a dog from a petstore because it's "pure bred", but don't realize the health and behavior problems that BYB dogs are prone to have. They also think it's cute to buy a dog from someone who advertises in a newspaper or an online swap site. These are the reasons that most people are advocates for rescuing dogs from shelters and truly try to educate those who don't realize the cruelty out there. Again there is nothing wrong with a breeder, but a reputable breeder is fully educated on how to better a breed and isn't there to make a quick dollar.
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