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Get the cat spayed? No way - they got it for free and aren't spending 100$ on something that has no value.
I hate when people say that, i hear it alot too, my friend has 3 female indoor cats, ALWAYS in heat!!!! I have a hard time going there to visit, cause it breaks my heart to see them rolling around on the floor and Meowling sooo loud in hopes to attract a mate! I have asked her a million times why she doesnt get them fixed, her reasoning is " they dont go out, so why bother and besides they were free, why pay 200 a cat to get fixed" I have explained the health ( and sanity ) benifits for her cats but NO still nothing!!! Now she is trying to see if she can bring one of them to a shelter!?!?!?! She pees on EVERYTHING!! Im borderline dropping this friend ship!!
Sorry slight thread jack!!!
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