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Another "pulpy science fiction soap opera" recommendation . . . . . .

I just finished reading the first four books of Kevin J. Anderson's "Saga Of The Seven Suns" series. All four have been on the New York Times bestseller list.

Hidden Empire
Forest of Stars
Horizon Storms
Scattered Suns

"Of Fire and Night" is the fifth book and I think is scheduled for release in July in hardcover. There will be a sixth and final book to the series eventually.

I don't think I've ever seen another book series where the tome you are reading so blatantly and abruptly ends, leaving you hanging in suspense on multiple story lines and concerned about the fate of multiple characters . . . . . forcing you to immediately rush out and buy the next one to see what happens. Its really astonishing an author can get away with such manipulation but, believe me, you're hooked.

Plot description and reviews of the first book - reviews of subsequent books would reveal plot spoilers - at this link:

Rick C
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