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Hi marie eve, I'll answer what i know or what i think i know

Originally Posted by meb999
If raw is a dog's natural diet, then why do we have to add probiotics to help them digest it? Is it just in the begining that you add these? I've read alot Raw feeders don't add any supplements to their diet... So are these supplements mandatory, or just recomended ??
the site i posted was just a recommended list that they follow. some don't add things, some add some of these (i remember technodoll posting somewhere, maybe this thread, the things she adds). I think the biggest issue is that you may not hit all of the recommended vits/mins etc in one week, so this ensures they're all there... Oh, and the reason for probiotics I think is that we kill off a lot of our intestinal flora (the little guests inside our guts) when we ingest anything with antibiotic in it... so sometimes dogs get antibiotics for illnesses but also this may be in the food, right (chickens are routinely fed antibiotics, all the time...)-

Originally Posted by meb999
I imagine that the Cod liver oil and vitamin E are for the dog's coat, right? These wouldn't be necessary if you feed a rich (or a little fatty) meat, would they?
What's the flaxseed for? I always put ground flaxseed on my salads...but that's to boost my metabolism! I doubt that's why they recomend it for dogs!!
Ok, fish oils and flaxseed oils both have omega 3 fatty acids. these do help the coat and skin. if you fed cold water fish then i guess you wouldn't need this... fatty meat is a different type of fat than this... one you don't want (think of the saturated vs unsaturated that you see on tv in margarine commercials)...

does anyone know of a site with supplements and what they're for that's an easy resource?? I can't remember what vit e is for, people put it topically on their skin... but inside us i can't remember.

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