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Here's an excerp from the link that Phoenix posted :


1. Fastrack probiotic ( high count multiple good bacteria and enzymes ) Necessary to keep good bacteria levels and ensure enzyme activity. This also is Natures "way" of protecting the GI tract from bad bacteria growth.

2. Organic bone meal as follows: 3 TBSP per 4 cups food mix, 2 TBSP per 2 cups of food mix, 1/2 TBSP per 1 cup of food mix, 1 TSP per 1/2 cup of food mix.

3. Ester-C (non acidic) vitamin C: We give 1500 mg to our adult danes and 500 to 1000mg to our pups.

4. Kelp: 1 TSP per 25# weight, up to 3 TSP maxumum daily

5. Cod Liver Oil: 2 to 3 capsules per day

6: Vitamin E 400 I.U. 2 per day

7. Brewers Yeast: 4 per day

8. Flax Seed oil and Ground Flax Seed: 1000 mg and 2 TBSP per day

9. Juice Plus: For the dogs that won't eat their veggies and fruits or your time is limited, or you are traveling with your dog. I just bring the capsules and add to the meat and the Fastrack. This provides my Great Danes with the nutrition of the raw veggies and fruits in a great easy form to carry.

ok, I get the probiotics. When they talk about bone meal, do they mean like real bone meal, the stuff you put in your flower beds?
Why Brewers yeast?
Why vitamin C ?
Thanx, and sorry if they're stupid questions
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