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Better prices huh? I thought I did good on the chicken leg quarters didn't I? 0.938kgs converted into pounds is 2lbs, right? I paid $2.01 I know the beef brisket was pricey, but I figured the dogs would love it! I gave them a little - it helped Zoe move onto the chicken as she's not too sure about this stuff!

A few more questions!
1)It is ok to give them the chicken leg quarters WITH the bones, right?? As long as they aren't cooked? Just want to be sure!! They did have them Monday, and all seemed well. I'm just waiting for their yard deposits to inspect!!

2)Do I give them other things with their chicken right now? Like organs, fish, eggs, cottage cheese etc?? Or do they justget chicken(with bone?)?

3)Is it too early to feed the whole chicken carcass?

4)Should I be worried that Copper is swallowing large chunks? He's not chewing the food to his full potential. He normally chews his food really good, but yesterday he was inhaling the chicken!

5)One meal a day or twice a day?

6)Copper weighs 80lbs - he needs to lose a few though. 1.5 lbs of food a day is good for him? He's not very active.
Zoe weighs 52lbs. 1 - 1.5lbs for her? She is very active most days!
Thanks for the info on that tripe!! I'll just throw it in the garbage - it was only $3.00 but if it's not nutritional, they aren't eating it!
Thanks again phoenix for the new link! It will help me out alot! My memory is poor, so those guidelines will help me out alot!

And just a BIG THANK YOU to technodoll, phoenix and others who have been so helpful in providing all this info and answering our gazillion questions!!! Thank you sooooo much!
Never mind the dogs, beware of the owner!!!

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