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HOLY CRAP!! I just gave Copper and Zoe a Chicken Leg Quarter, and Copper is CRAZY for it!!! He ate the first one, so I gave him a 2nd and it was devoured in 2 minutes!! The first one he was eating some pretty big chunks, but so far so good. He's whining right now as Zoe is working on hers still! Copper was soooo excited when I gave him the 2nd one! I think he's gonna love this diet - I just hope his tummy does too!

Oh and he ate raw LIVER!!! Zoe wouldn't, so I just gave him a small piece and baked the rest! Thanks phoenix for the recipies! I used the second one!

Here's what I bought today. Please tell me how I am doing as I never buy this stuff!
Top row is beef brisket(boneless) and beef liver,second row is beef tripe and 2 really small mature chickens(label says good for stewing??)
2nd picture is 2 cans of sardines and 6 bags of Chicken Leg Quarters(2-3 legs per bag)! All of this was $31.00 tax included! The brisket alone was $6.00 after 2.50 coupons were used.
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Never mind the dogs, beware of the owner!!!

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