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Looking for feedback on Performatrin Ulta from Pet Valu.


I am asking for your assistance as I would like to know if any one else has had problems with this food.

On the advice of Pet Valu, I changed my 10 year old male cat's food from Science Diet to their "holistic, much healthier Performatrin Ultra". They informed me that they were slowly phasing out Science Diet and implied that it was sub standard food. After not quite 4 months of this, my guy is currently on a feeding tube with liver disease. He lost 10 lbs in the course of just shy of 4 months which my vet attributes to this food.

A lady I work with had her 9 year old male cat put down after living with endless urinary tract infections, crystals (they even had to operate to change him from a male to female) and finally liver and kidney failure after living a life with this food.

I am asking if anyone has had bad experiences with this food to please respond.

Thanks so much!
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