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The forums and the site look very.....busy....almost like everything is vying for your attention. When I first came onto the site I had lots of difficulty finding what I needed....I wasn't sure where to look and stuff....


Isn't there some way to make more whiteapace in the forums? I mean everything looks so close together and it can be kinda confusing...especially since there are quite large descriptions on some of the forums...just space it out a little more vertically?

Couldn't you make another heading where you can put like the Offtopic forum, the suggestion forum and the ask members forum? I mean so far as I know most of those don't necessarily have to do with pets (I mean I know you can mention and stuff but yeah, you know what I mean right?)


Is there maybe some way to create a bit more whitespace between things here too? It just seems like "we are going to cram as much information as we want into your heads" kinda thing. I mean its great that you have an article page etc. but why not make the home page just sorta introduce the site? More like "Welcome to your Canadian pages on how to take care of all your pet's needs. Check out our Articles section. Check out the Nutrition centre. Hit the bulletin board for more advice!" right? That sort of thing instead of randomly giving an article for people to read?

Whenever I click on the Pet Nutrition link on the menu (left side) I come up with dog nutrition but haven't been able to find anything on cats....And while its neat to have all those recipes listed at the bottom, I'm not sure what half those recipes are for (ie. dog, cat, human, budgie, etc). Maybe have a sub menu kinda thing where you can click on dog or cat or human or other animal?

Maybe I'm just on crack or something....but those are my suggestions...

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