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So few ppl think DDT has any useful qualities - which is why it is banned but you will alas still find it in 3rd world countries where it creates the same havoc as it once did here.

There are studies aplenty outlining its medical risk. (I myself have been affected by it tho Maritimer and conciliatory person that I am, I see no point in suing the company.) The company that used it did it in good faith - they thought it was safe.

Another book I did not mention is No Safe Place by Warner Troyer,. Troyer of course was a journalist but he outlined many of the hazards in our society.

I have seen hundreds and hundreds of children with cancer who - had their parents or they not encountered entities like DDT, might never have to fight these battles or might even be alive. So it worries me when anyone thinks DDT is OK, it is NOT, never will be. Same goes for 24D which many use unknowingly as pesticides or the many organophosphates. I studied much of this in biochemistry so I am not some ranting environmentalist - I look at it from a scientific viewpoint. There are some safer biological alternatives now and so no one needs pesticides.

One man in our faculty (Medicine) recently retired and was asked if he would now join the golf club. He replied "and what, walk around on greens full of carcinogens or organophosphates. I don't think so!". Smart man!!

I think Wendy Mesley has been doing some good work on cancer - as she fights breast cancer and I know I look it at very differently as a patient than as a doctor and researcher. I was zealous about it before - now I am angrier and want to know why it is we are spending so much money on research that helps to treat ppl in the developed world but does relatively nothing to actually find a cure.

A friend of mine - cancer researcher - refuses to donate to the Cancer Society for that reason. Until they begin to give as much money to environmental groups attempting to find the cause and to epidemiological research, they are part of the problem. I used to think she was a contrarian and now I wonder? It's more personal now - I do not want to die!!
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