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Just found this thread. Cool.

My signature pretty much says it all. I live in Clarington, just east of Oshawa, Ontario Canada. I am not allergic to any of my pets, although when the water needs to be changed in Sasha's tank, I am allergic to the smell. Sam, Sasha & Josie allow my hubby and I to share their home with them. Food is of the greatest importance to them.

liSa - Animal slave 09/27/1972
Alicia - Orange Tabby 06/01/1999 to 10/22/2004
Sam - Lab/Hound 01/03/2001
Josie - Orange Tabby 2003
Mr. Slithers - Red-tailed boa constrictor 02/2007
Zeus - Bearded dragon 06/04/2007
Ariel and Lola - Bearded dragons 06/13/2007
Harley - MinPin 01/26/2008

'A dog may be the only opportunity a human has to choose a relative.' -- Mordecai Siegal

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