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****** Pet Store is a puppy mill

I live in barrie Ont There is a ***** pet store in our local mall I was looking in t here one day when i saw this little bully and he was all alone and skinny no water in his cage and all dirty .His price was 950 .00 and i did not really have the money but i offered the store 750 .00 to take him now just to get him outta there but they said no way.And i asked how long he was there and it was three weeks the store clerk told me that he was already discounted from 1600.00 what a shame i heard the owner of doogans shoots and barries his dogs that are too old on his farm.I would call for a province wide ban on all ****** pet stores as i will not even go into that store now.

[/QUOTE]There is another store here in the falls at Niagara Square called ******* and I am positive that they are dealing with Mills and/or BYB,.[/QUOTE]

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